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About Us

Welcome to the website.

The concept is new and comes from a Family run established British company. We are BasketsGalore and we have been designing and assembling gift basket hampers since 2001.

This web-site is unlikely to be found by new customers as it is a brand new domain. The purpose of its existence is really for our existing customers who want to have a greater input into the composition of their gift basket.

The 9 year journey towards

In 2001 we created with the intention of providing an innovative gift service for Northern Ireland. Nice idea in theory, ah the blissful naivity of those early days. We had baskets which were meant to compete with hampers and flowers. Now we offer them, but with a gift basket flair and panache in a style, which has made our brand name a competitive key word on the internet.

In 2002 basketsgalore went online with a selection of 41 different types of gift baskets with a crimson red website

In 2003 the website briefly changed to gold. Look at those youngsters on our about us page at the time.

Old Picture of Baskets Galore Staff

In 2004 the 3rd version of basketsgalore was launched written in dynamic php language. The traditional red colours were back. Also in 2004, we launched which was originally our create your own hamper division. You could purchase individual products and create your own basket. This was on a OS Commerce platform, which was fast becoming the standard for lots of new web start ups.

In 2005 Basketsgalore developed its product range online and set up, which was the World’s first Baby Gift site where you could build your own basket.

2006 set up to handle volume of Christmas hamper orders. Purchase of and

2007 launch of and purchased from American company.

2008 Our IT team designed a 3 column updated version of our old php site using HTML. was updated and was repositioned. was re-branded and set up.

2009 IT Team transferred old website onto our current guise. and quickly followed

2010 Feb: Launch of modernised to being a faster more user friendly shopping site.

2010 Mar: Launch of brand new

The pace of roll out of new websites and development is accelerating as we seek to continually improve the shopping experience for our customers. We love to hear back from our customers what they think of their shopping experience.

As you can see the past 9 years have been an ever changing, turbulent time.

And just as things appear to have settled down with consistent sales and exceptionally high customer retention numbers, we have decided to make things more difficult for ourselves once again. Now you can create your own basket with confidence and certainty. We’ve invested massively in bandwidth and infrastructure to ensure you don’t time out, we’ve listened to you over the past 9 years to provide you with items that you have found delicious and great value for money.

We look forward to hearing what you think of our Create Your Own Gift Basket site.